What do Lithuanians think about business with Global InterGold?
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What do Lithuanians think about business with Global InterGold?

How was the conference held in the largest Baltic country? What stories did the guests share? Let's recall it all! 

Lithuania is a peaceful and friendly country by the Baltic Sea with favorable business conditions. Recently, the Legatum Institute, which studies the level of national prosperity, has put Lithuania on 42nd place out of 149, right after the UAE and Israel. The distribution of places took into account the economy, education, social capital and health.

The international investment company LaSalle gave the capital of Lithuania, Vilnius, 47th place in the rating of investment-attractive European cities. During the analysis, the company studied 32 countries and 294 regions.

It was Vilnius that became the center of the Global InterGold’s golden culture which welcomed the guests of the Global Tour 2016 on June 11th, 2016. Do you remember how it was?

Global Tour Lithuania Vilnius

This event was the second Global Tour 2016 conference in Europe. The luxurious hotel complex Vilnius Grand Resort roofed more than 350 people from Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Russia, Italy and, of course, Lithuania itself. Many guests showed their respect to cultural aspects by wearing national costumes. All the attendees witnessed traditional Lithuanian dances, which displayed the diversity of different regions, saxophonist performance, and speeches from the company’s management and leaders.

The audience listened attentively to the news from the Director of Development for GIG, the lecture of the leader Mikhail Ukvasov and the stories of successful clients from Lithuania, Italy, Finland and Latvia.

The participants received well-deserved awards and learned about new products, business tools and Global InterGold’s innovations. At the end of the event, the guests had a magnificent gala dinner

We received a lot of feedback from customers. Everyone wanted to share their impressions about the business, the event and opportunities of the gold business.


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Published: 12.10.2017
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