What Filipinos think about business with Global InterGold
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What Filipinos think about business with Global InterGold

Customers from the Philippines want to tell you everything about the gold business, check out their reviews!

The first official GIG’s conference in the Philippines was a real breakthrough for the Asian region and another proof that gold is not just metal. It is the basis of prosperity, financial security and, of course, high and constant income.

This Global Tour event showed how the high potential of business development in the Philippines. Filipinos are looking for ways to provide for themselves and their families without having to leave for work abroad, and a business with a reliable product is an excellent option. That is why many resort to the gold business and spread a word about it too.

Many customers as well as famous Global and Grand Leaders from nearby and distant countries gathered to participate in this ‘golden’ event. Many of them took the stage to make speeches or get well-deserved awards.

The key moment was the announcement of the news about the improvement of customer service in the Philippines thanks to the new partnership with a local company. Service has become even faster, more efficient and convenient!

Excellent news, a grandiose scope, a whole sea of motivation and inspiration… The attendees could not help sharing their experiences from the whole experience and were happy to record interviews.

We have a whole channel of reviews, and each review matters!

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Published: 09.10.2017
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