What has the Nigerian newspaper Vanguard written about Global InterGold?
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What has the Nigerian newspaper Vanguard written about Global InterGold?
Global InterGold

Global InterGold's gold business keeps on moving forward and making the front page of acclaimed international newspapers.

This time, the Nigerian newspaper Vanguard has devoted some of its pages to the company. What do they say about GIG?

Global InterGold is in the limelight once more. Several newspapers, magazines and blogs have already devoted some of their articles to the company, its product and earning opportunity.

The Vanguard newspaper joins the list of media

Global InterGold's solution to the question: “How to protect yourself and your family financially thanks to gold?” caught the eye of this Nigerian newspaper. The article reads about the latest information on how to acquire gold, develop your own business and protect your personal economy.

The press confirms that gold is no longer a luxury, but rather an effective financial tool available for just about everyone.

The gold business triumphs in Nigeria

Nigeria has just become the most active African country in terms of the gold business development. Global InterGold keeps fulfilling the dreams of those who earn stable and high income by running their own profitable business with this prestigious product.

Does it sound good for you too?

Step into action: your time has just come! Be one of the pioneers of the gold business in Africa!

Read the Vanguard's article here.

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Published: 15.06.2017
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