What Malaysians think about Global InterGold business
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What Malaysians think about Global InterGold business

Kuala Lumpur event attendees could not restrain their emotions. Let's find out what impressed them so much!

The first Global InterGold’s event in Malaysia was a real breakthrough and a big step in the development of the gold business in Asia. The conference was attended not only by the Malayans, but also by clients from the Philippines, Japan, the United Arab Emirates and other countries.

Having arrived at the Swiss-Garden Hotel & Residence in Kuala Lumpur, the guests immersed themselves in joyful anticipation. You bet! The Global Tour event series was so successful in Latin America that Asia could not wait for the golden events to start.

Global Tour event in Malaysia

The Malaysian conference was the first Global Tour event in Asia, and it surpassed all boldest expectations. The motto "Leadership Development" turned out to be not just words: customers literally twirled in the atmosphere of success, wealth and business secrets.

During the event, eminent leaders and successful entrepreneurs appeared on the stage to talk about how they achieved success themselves and how to teach others to succeed. There was no limit to the enthusiasm of the participants, and many of them happily recorded interviews and testimonials to share their emotions with the whole world.

Asian countries are increasingly interested in the gold business, because it combines love for the yellow metal, a proven business model and reliable cooperation. This is exactly what many are willing of aiming to provide themselves and their loved ones with all the best.

Check out the channel of customer reviews from Asia, and see it all for yourself!


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Published: 19.10.2017
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