Why do many people need extra income?
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Why do many people need extra income?
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People tend to earn money to meet their needs, buy the necessary things, support their families.

Yet in many countries, the salary levels leave much to be desired. People can’t afford to live in prosperity and comfort. Why? The cause of the problem – the living wage is extremely low.


What is a living wage?

A living wage, which varies from country to country, is the minimum income necessary for a worker to meet basic needs. It is an ability to afford to pay for food, housing, utilities, health care and transportation.

The living wage depends on the following factors:

  • prices of consumer goods;

  • the national currency exchange rate;

  • the economic situation in a particular country.


How do people live in different countries of the world?

In most countries, the living wage is equivalent to the minimum wage. The employer must pay the employee no less than the national minimum wage.

Industrialized European countries have a fairly high minimum wage. Luxembourg tops the list – $2336 per month, Germany – $1756 and France – $1715.

The situation in the countries of Asia and Latin America doesn’t seem particularly favorable, while the situation in Africa is totally disastrous.

Among Asian countries, India has the lowest living wage – $46 per month, Nepal – $78 and Pakistan – $90.

In Latin America, the lowest living wage is in Nicaragua – $124 per month, in Mexico – $128 and in the Dominican Republic – $146.

The living wage level in African countries is critically low: Uganda – $1,9 per month, in Ghana and Botswana – $64 and $85 respectively.


Live better = Earn more

The global economy is experiencing hard times: financial crises, fluctuating exchange rates, rising inflation, all this threatens the material well-being of people. Countries cannot guarantee a significant raise of the living wage. For many people, surviving on a single income is hardly possible.

Low salaries do not allow people to lead a decent lifestyle. The level of their expenses significantly exceeds income. All that people earn, they spend in no time, not having the ability to create savings and save money for the future.

Having a job is important and necessary, but if your job does not let you to live the way you want, then it's time to change something. As a matter of fact, if you want to spend more and never run out of money, you need to earn more.

How to find a reliable source of extra income that will boost confidence in the future?

Global InterGold strives to help people around the world generate income using smart and effective solutions. That’s why our specialists have developed the GoldSet marketing program that opens up opportunities for clients to earn a stable income.

GoldSet is a modern business technology aimed to help people improve their quality of life and start their own profitable business.




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Published: 16.04.2019
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