Why do people feel financially insecure?
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Why do people feel financially insecure?
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The state of stability gives people confidence in their future and a sense of balance in life, in which their vital interests are fully protected, and nothing threatens their financial well-being. The definitions of "stability" and "security" are closely linked to the state of Financial Security that we will discuss in more detail.

In the conditions of an unstable economy, Financial Security is of paramount importance for everyone.

By Financial Security we mean a facilitation of people’s well-being, a protection of their rights and interests, an ability to withstand global threats.

To better understand what "Financial Security" is, let’s consider the situation when one lacks it.


How does the lack of Financial Security manifests itself?

The Lack of Financial Security virus arises from the inability of a person to protect his/her personal savings and it causes material and psychological difficulties in his/her life. It affects all spheres of human life.

You are exposed to the LFS virus if:

● You have a low salary and your expenses are significantly higher than income

● You use the services of loan agencies

● You have a mortgage on property or a car loan perhaps

● You have outstanding debts

● You have a noticeable lack of motivation and an energy deficiency.

● You feel a loss of others’ respect for you

If the above-listed factors are present in a person's life, then they impact negatively on all areas of one’s life, including both health and emotional state.

Such people are under stress, they lose confidence, can no longer control their lives. They become dependent on other people and enterprises to which they owe debts. Their self-esteem gets significantly reduced. They lose the joy of life, they can no longer take care of their surroundings, they deny themselves many basic things.

The main thing is not to give up!

Being in a difficult financial situation, a person often does not know how to deal with it on one’s own. How to boost your well-being: pay off debts, increase the material level of your family, learn to save and spend money wisely? Many people give up, they surrender, end up being trapped by unfavorable circumstances. They do not believe that they can change their lives for the better. Yet without making proper efforts to solve the problem, it won’t vanish.

There is an effective solution!

Financial Security is the ability to withstand existing and emerging threats (dismissal, loss of income, inflation, etc.) that can cause material damage. This is the lack of stress in a person's life, a sense of security and safety that everyone aspires to achieve. Financial Security is a state of inner calm and a sense of confidence in the future, when a person enjoys life and becomes happy.

The goal of Global InterGold is to achieve Financial Security and improve the quality of life of the company's clients.

It is important for a person to know the factors that hinder his/her stability and independence and make him/her feel financially unprotected. It is necessary to possess knowledge that will help to counteract the Lack of Financial Security virus.

It is necessary to make a rational and well-considered choice — how to properly manage your savings in order to preserve and accumulate them.

Everyone can achieve the state of Financial Security, but this requires certain knowledge and technology, adherence to which will lead to success. Global InterGold is ready to become your reliable guide and partner on the pathway to stability and security.


Start creating your own Financial Security together with Global InterGold!

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Published: 27.06.2018
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