Why do we need common goals — Director of Development at Global InterGold
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Why do we need common goals — Director of Development at Global InterGold

Hello dear ladies and gentlemen, distinguished members of our Global InterGold family!
Today I want to share with you several key points, such as people’s goals and the way they set goals for expected results.
First of all, let’s define the word goal.
A goal is an achievable result for a certain period of time.
As our President said, “a goal is a precise understanding of what we want to achieve.” In my view, it is important to know what we all want, how we want to achieve it and, no less important, when we want to achieve it. If a person doesn’t have a clear goal, then he/she doesn’t know the way how to achieve it: what needs to be done, in what direction one should move and how to take momentary action.
Let’s take a sailboat and a sailor for example. If a sailor sets a goal, knowing where to sail, what speed is needed and what is the direction of the wind, then he/she hoists the sail properly to reach the destination.
My advice for you is, if you set a goal for yourself, then write it down.
A goal can be set for a year, 6 months or a month.
The next thing you do, you divide a big goal into small weekly/daily ones.
Why is it so important?
Because if you don’t have a written goal, then you work towards achieving other people’s goals and not your own goal.
It’s that simple, if there’s no goal, there’s no motivation, no inspiration, one cannot act effectively without a goal, and there’s no result, just a waste of time.
However, I am aware of the fact that you make serious preparations, and that you write down your goals that give you an opportunity to check yourself on the pathway to realization of your goals. You can monitor your progress daily and praise yourself for the achievements. Can you grasp the importance of it? You become self-confident, you get inspired, moreover, you set the example in your family and later in your group.
We’ve done the research and it showed that you have set important goals in life, specifically, a goal to achieve financial security. 87% of respondents emphasized the importance of this factor that can help create a better world for your loved ones and improve the level of the overall well-being.
What financial security means?  Why so many people want to attain it? Because it is larger than life!
First of all, financial security is the absence of debts that need to be repaid. This is a state when there is no threat for you and your family, this is a state when your vital interests are fully protected. Financial security is the core belief that you will never lose your property, and the freedom of choosing how to lead own’s life won’t ever be taken away.
The key idea of financial security is very simple - you live in a state of financial security if your income exceeds your expenses.
That’s why people are striving to achieve it.
You have a goal how to achieve it, and we’re here to help you, as our president once said:” our goals coincide, and we share the same path.”
We believe that it is easier to achieve the goal in a group setting, rather than on your own, since everyone have different goals. But if there’s a common goal in a group, then it is easier to achieve it.  We are in the same boat and we pull in the same direction together as one.
That means: to achieve financial security, create a better world and improve the quality of life for our clients.

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Published: 13.06.2018
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Robin G 79GT
Robin G 79GT
Un gran saludo para todos y gracias por esas palabras tan alentadoras que me dan un plus para continuar y así ser mas eficaz, y lograr que muchas mas personas disfruten de esta oportunidad, muchas gracias global intergold.
Jul 06
 Viktoria Gold
Viktoria Gold
Статья очень важная. Поучительна для получения финансовой безопасности .
Jul 07