Why do we organize cruises?
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Why do we organize cruises?
Global InterGold


"It is only in adventure that some people succeed in knowing themselves – in finding themselves."

André Paul Guillaume Gide


Why does Global InterGold organize cruises?

A person's life often resembles a perpetual cycle: “home-work-home”. Yet there are so many interesting and surprising things in the world! Life is full of bright colors, wonderful moments, and when we travel, we live life to the fullest.

We want trips to become an integral part of our lifestyle. Global InterGold organizes cruises to give you unforgettable emotions and new ideas, broaden your horizons, help strengthen business relations and inspire you to achieve great results in business.

The company sets a global task: improve the quality of life, opening up new opportunities for the clients’ personal and professional growth.


What is the Global InterGold cruise?

It is an exciting adventure that will turn your life around!

The extraordinary trip will take your life to the next level!


The sea voyage will help you escape the routine, allowing you to realize your dreams and get a powerful boost of motivation for future professional achievements.

Traveling with Global InterGold is an excellent opportunity to:

  • visit the most beautiful cities on the planet;

  • familiarize with the culture and traditions of different countries;

  • unleash your potential and boost self-confidence;

  • gain valuable experience and knowledge from the company’s management and its Leaders;

  • get useful contacts and find reliable business partners.


Why cruise?

A cruise is an ideal leisure option that allows modern people to make use of their time. This is the best way to clear your mind, recharge your batteries and focus on making progress in your work.

What is the sea voyage with Global InterGold all about? It is a joy of communicating with goal-oriented and successful people, entertainment aboard the modern cruise liner, a fascinating route, many interesting tours and bright impressions.


The Presidential Cruise 999,9 is the highest quality standard.

Travel with Global InterGold, feel the refined taste of life

and rest like the royals.


Participation = victory

Participate in the competition, act and think like a Leader! By focusing on winning, you will achieve great results in business: expand your structure, increase personal income and improve team communication.

What do cruise participants say about traveling with Global InterGold?

"On the Global InterGold cruise, you can socialize with successful clients from around the world and learn from the experience of Leaders who achieved great business results. The Presidential Cruise is a real opportunity to improve the quality of your life."

Oscar Gregory De Carlos Ferreira, Uruguay


"I enjoy the cruises that the company organizes for its clients, because this is a unique chance to travel the world, gain experience and take part in amazing adventures."

Julia Fedevych, Ukraine


In 2019, get ready for the


Everyone has a chance, regardless of experience in the company, personal status or merits!


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Published: 22.02.2019
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