Why does my table not advance? Sorting things out
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Why does my table not advance? Sorting things out
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Today we will have a closer look at the GoldSet marketing program, its principles and secrets. Together, we will find out how to take advantage of it!

What is GoldSet marketing program?

GoldSet is a bonus program designed and implemented by the Global InterGold Online Gold Shop. Being based on the elements of network marketing, it allows you to earn not only by selling and buying gold but also by recommending the company and its product: investment gold bars.

How is revenue formed?

Global InterGold does not spend the budget on advertising the product. Instead, it distributes generated with gold profit among the participants of the bonus program GoldSet who contribute to the growth of the customer portfolio. So, in fact, you can pay only a small part of the real value of gold bars and offset the rest with accrued bonuses.

What to do to participate in the bonus program?

2 simple steps are enough:

  1. Place an order for gold bars worth of at least 150 euros
  2. Invite a minimum of 2 people to join your business team and the gold business

Seems as easy as ABC, but difficulties occur and expert’s advice may become your rescue!

Want an insight into efficient work with the GoldSet program?

Here you are a video by our Global Leader Ostap Pechenyi!

P.S. English and Italian subtitles are available

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Published: 04.08.2017
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