Why has the Online Gold Shop obtained the new name of Global InterGold?
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Why has the Online Gold Shop obtained the new name of Global InterGold?

Over the last years, trading with physical gold bars has become a global trend. The number of people using gold to safeguard and increase their capital appears to be on the increase day by day. History already granted gold the title of money protection, and another step is being taken to consolidate its position in the world economy.

The Global InterGold Online Gold Shop strives to comply with all worldwide standards and satisfy clients' demands in the best possible way. The administration aims not only at improving working tools, goods and services, but also the brand under which the Online Gold Shop works.

Our name talks about the origins and main activity of the shop. It states that:

1. We and our clients have chosen the stable market segment of bullion, for the trade of physical gold;

2. We work on an international level, which means that our product is available in any country;

3. Our ideas unite successful and far-sighted people all around the planet.

We highly appreciate the confidence our clients have placed in us and therefore, we are willing to supply them goods and services of the highest quality regardless of their country.

We are always pleased to welcome you to the new international shop!

Our objective is to never stop moving forward and improving our Online Gold Shop, including services and marketing tools.

We offer you the best terms and opportunities for a safe purchase and selling of the most demanded asset of the 21st century: physical gold bars. We look forward to our long-term and productive cooperation in the future! The customer relationship and reputation are fundamental pillars!

We are happy to provide our service and support in every corner of the planet!

Enjoy your purchases together with Global InterGold


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Published: 02.07.2015
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