Why is it important to seek your sponsor’s advice?
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Why is it important to seek your sponsor’s advice?
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Just like your mom, your sponsor always looks after you and tries to give you the best advice. Why do you need to listen to your sponsor?

Your sponsor, also upline and mentor, wants you to achieve success, but he cannot take you there only by himself – you need to step into action!

Do you want your income to grow?

Then you need the knowledge and advice of an experienced businessman. Do not hesitate to contact your sponsor as often as you need to: he will always be willing to help you – not for nothing did he invite you to run a business!

Do you think network marketing is not for you?

Some days you might feel down: maybe somebody said “no” to your business opportunity, you notice your structure is not growing too much, and so on. What do you have to do then? Call your sponsor! He has faced that many problems along the way and has overcome them.

Your sponsor will always analyze the situation from another perspective and give you a good piece of advice. Turn to him in those difficult moments, and he will cheer you up!

Do you lack inspiration or ideas to further develop your business?

Keep studying and learning from your sponsor and other uplines. You will have to teach other people just like them. There is no need to reinvent the wheel, they have enough proven and successful techniques and if you ever need more ideas, just talk to them!

Do you feel that no one understands you?

If so, it is recommended to talk to people with business experience. Your sponsor is that one person with experience to rely on – someone who will always be there for you to discuss your problems and create the best action plan to pursue your goals.

Are you a sponsor?

Then support and talk to your teammates! Remind them that they can contact you at any time: they need to know that you will listen. Being a mentor is more than leading people, it also about listening, supporting, being their friend.

Tip for every client: If you want to call your sponsor, do it now. Ask him how he is doing, how he has achieved his goals and take notes. Learn from his experience!

Tip for sponsors: Always answer messages and calls. Listen, even if you are not sure that you can give the right advice. Look for solutions, gain more experience, acquire new skills and, of course, share your experience with others.

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We wish you the best of success!

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Published: 30.05.2017
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