Why is wisdom is more precious than gold and everything in the world?
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Why is wisdom is more precious than gold and everything in the world?
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One day a Greek philosopher, perhaps the best of the students of Socrates, was asked what he obtained from studying philosophy. Having thought a bit, he replied: "The ability to feel at ease in any society."

The name of this great thinker is Aristippus.

Being a practitioner rather than a theoretician, he founded his own philosophical school later called the Cyrene School (after the City of Cyrene).

He defined his practical approach to life by stating that "the ship is owned not by someone who does not sail it, but the one who knows how to sail in the right direction."

This is how it goes. Life belongs to those who can manage it and set it in the right direction. Everyone decides for themselves, whether to give their fate at the discretion of random, or take control of life in their hands and build their own route for travel.

Developing this idea, Aristippus urged a person to acquire knowledge instead of simply entrusting his fate to money:

“The man of learning is the only person in the world who is neither a stranger when in a foreign land, nor friendless when he has lost his intimates and relatives; on the contrary, he is a citizen of every country, and can fearlessly look down upon the troublesome accidents of fortune. But he who thinks himself entrenched in defences not of learning but of luck, moves in slippery paths, struggling through life unsteadily and insecurely.”

Despite the fact that more than 2,500 years have passed, it is difficult not to recognize the fact that this philosopher’s worldview is helping to solve complex and urgent problems of today.

We have thoroughly studied the heritage of the great philosopher of antiquity, including some of his little-known and unpublished works, which by fate's will were at our disposal.

We have analyzed the successful and unsuccessful experience of millions of our customers all over the world and realized that what Aristippus wrote about is of direct relevance to both our company and our customers.

The success of any client in our business can be monitored in compliance with certain rules and guiding principles of life. And vice versa, all the failures of our clients can be correlated with their violation of certain principles and laws of life.

Fortunately for all mankind, Aristippus has left us a unique Code of Behaviour in the form of brief guidelines that allow a person to achieve success in life and to avoid imminent defeats.

That is why we have decided to turn this Code into all mankind’s heritage and cast it in gold, one of the most expensive metals on our planet.

Recognizing the fact that the value of wisdom is more precious than gold, Global InterGold has developed an exclusive investment gold bar design and dedicated it to Aristippus. Each gold bar corresponds to a certain guideline from the Code of this Greek philosopher.

In the following articles, we will tell you about the series of "Aristippus’ gold" in more detail.

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Published: 07.12.2017
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Rigo dreamteam1
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