Your first GoldSet: start your own business
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Your first GoldSet: start your own business
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In the middle of the last century, entrepreneur Ron Popeil decided to resort to services of television to advertise his goods. He spent five hundred dollars on shooting a video commercial in which he personally demonstrated the advantages of the product, giving rise to a new format of advertising, which brought Popeil multi-million profits and triggered the emergence of shopping channels.

The example of the American businessman proves that success does not always require huge expenses. Sometimes quite insignificant, yet well-thought-out investments can yield fruitful results.

When you have spare cash, there’s always a temptation to spend all of it on short-term pleasures: a trendy gadget, a piece of clothing, a bright accessory... The joy of owning a new thing will soon pass, and then what: lack of money, debt, nervous tension and uncertainty about tomorrow?

The XXI guideline from the Aristippus’ Code states: "Be economical and cautious in spending."

By refraining from unnecessary spending, you get a chance to preserve and accumulate your finances. This is exactly what successful and enterprising people do: they make their money (almost all surplus funds) work for them.

Imagine that any amount of money you invest to strengthen Financial Security is a brick. From these bricks you build a stable and secure future, when you can afford anything you want without worrying about all sorts of things.

In 1972, the Spaniard Amancio Ortega had only 25 dollars — he and his wife began sewing custom-made clothes. What came out of this is now known as Zara — the international fast fashion retailer. Today, Amancio Ortega has a net worth of 68 billion dollars.

In the photo: Amancio Ortega — the third richest man in the world.


Someone will probably say: "In the old days it was possible to get rich, it was enough to have a small amount of cash and a brilliant idea. Today, you need large investments to start a business. I doubt that I can run a business with only 150 euros in my pocket?"

Even 150 euros would play a major role, if used wisely. You can spend money on buying a trendy stuff, which will soon become obsolete and go out of fashion, or you can buy investment gold and start making money.

The GoldSet marketing program of Global InterGold is designed so that everyone can become a part of the prestigious gold business quickly and cost-effectively. By making a minimum contribution of 150 euros, you become a member of international business.


"The ship is owned not by someone who does not sail on it, but the one who knows how to sail in the right direction."


Even a modest sum pays off, bringing impressive results, you just have to use it wisely.




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Published: 01.08.2019
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