About Global InterGold Company
1g. 33.70 EUR
1oz. 1048.00 EUR
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About Global InterGold

Global InterGold is an on-line shop selling and buying 999.9 physical investment gold bars supplied by LBMA accredited gold refiners.

Global InterGold
Our objective is to make gold available for just about everyone.

Gold is a highly liquid product meaning that it can always be quickly and easily exchange for money worldwide, which additionally helps to preserve and increase capital.

The company has developed a revolutionary marketing program allowing clients to pay up to 90% of the value of investment gold bars at the expense of rewards. These rewards are credited to the clients' accounts in exchange for making recommendations of the company's goods and services resulting in the expansion of the Online Gold Shop's client portfolio.

Global InterGold clients can elect to:

Pay the full amount;
Make a minimum prepayment of 150 EUR and offset the remaining sum with rewards.
Sell the gold bars back to the Online Gold Shop at the current selling price at any time.

Within 14 days after making the purchase, clients can cancel it and the money will be refunded.

Global InterGold is a EU regulated company with administrative office in London, UK.

Global InterGold offers its clients a simple and transparent business model with elements of network marketing for the sale and purchase of gold.

Global InterGold

You can start a gold business by following 5 simple steps:

  1. Register
  2. Place an order and make a minimum initial payment
  3. Get rewards for successful recommendations
  4. Offset the remaining sum with these rewards
  5. Receive gold bars

Upon purchasing gold bars, clients can:

Become a Global InterGold client and earn with gold!
Gold is more than money