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1g. 42.48 EUR
1oz. 1321.00 EUR
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GoldSet: Buy gold and earn income in euros!

What is GoldSet?

GoldSet is a bonus program developed by the Global InterGold Online Gold Shop to allow clients to purchase and sell gold bars and earn income.

Global InterGold

How does this program work?

For the sale of investment gold bars, we use elements of network marketing.

Instead of spending budget on advertising the product, we distribute the profit among the participants of the GoldSet bonus program.

You can pay only a small part of the real gold bars’ value and offset the rest with bonuses.

How to get bonuses?

To participate in the bonus program, take two simple steps:

  1. Make prepayment of at least 150 EUR for an order for gold bars
  2. Invite a minimum of 2 people to make use of the bonus program
Global InterGold

Are there any risks?

Business with Global InterGold is legal and risk-free. You can sell the purchased gold back to the Online Gold Shop at any time. If you decide to cancel your first order within 14 days, we will refund your money.

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