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There are people among us with a heart of gold who understand that there is nothing more important than helping others. We are proud of them and believe that they deserve a special recognition: the "Great Heart" award.


We all keep our most intimate, pure and sincere feelings in our heart. We listen to it, we live by heart, we follow its voice even if our mind argues it...

But some people feel especial urge to constantly give a hand to their loved ones, friends, colleagues and other people. They often find themselves in charity, religious service, nursing, volunteering, information assistance, etc. They make our life brighter and our world a better place.

People's genuine concern about others people speaks of them as of a caring, loving and deep human beings: people with a great heart.

How this award has seen the light

Some people ask us why we pay so much attention to help. Don't we have more important things to tell and think about? And why is help more relevant for us than profit?

We have one clear answer to these questions: "We know nothing more important than help." Why?

Despite the fact that profit is indeed the most visible reflection of any company's power, true reasons for commercial success are not always obvious.

To begin with, help and cooperation always go hand in hand. It is impossible to fully cooperate and at the same time not to help anyone you live and work with. And cooperation always leads to long-term relationships, for example, such as business partnership, marriage or the upbringing of children. In turn, cooperation and long-term partnership turn a group of disunited people into a strong team that can over come any obstacles.

This is how winners are forged. This is how profit is generated. This is how success is born. They all are always based on help.

That is why we feel pride and appreciate those for whom helping others is the same priority as for us. We have already built a successful international business on this principle and want to attract and encourage those who share our views.

The "Great Heart" medal is the most precious Global InterGold's award bestowed upon those who brighten the darkness around with their burning desire to help others.