New Year greetings from the President of Global InterGold

Dear friends!

With less than two weeks left until the New Year, we at Global InterGold are already getting into holiday spirit.

For every one of us, the beginning of the New Year is a time of change, fulfillment of wishes and realization of plans.

In various countries, people are actively preparing for this holiday – buy gifts for relatives, colleagues and friends, decorate homes, and of course, write greeting cards for the dearest ones.

New Year is, above all, a family holiday that we celebrate the way we did when we were kids – with gifts and surprises, special warmth and anticipation of changes. Helpfulness, compassion, kindness fill our life with deep and human purpose. Teamwork and friendship enhance our strength to do good deeds and pursue higher achievements.

Looking back at the year gone by, we usually review its results.

No doubt, the year 2018 was full of triumphs and achievements, becoming an important milestone in the development of our international business.

We sincerely hope that we did our best to bring happiness and bright impressions to the clients and partners of our legendary gold company.

Another year becomes a memory. Looking back, we realize how productive and interesting it was. Filled with many company events, it gives so much to remember and so much to think over, since reflections and analysis make it possible to generate new ideas for the future.

I want to believe that the coming year will bring us more victories and achievements, we just need to believe in ourselves and make more effort.

Our international team of Global InterGold, led by our clients and partners, has already achieved incredible results and victories on the path to Financial Security.

May our self-determination that brought us accomplishments in 2018 help us in moving towards our main goal and the purpose of life – the achievement of Financial Security and improvement of the quality of life for our clients and their families.

We wish our clients easy answers to complex questions, happiness, well-being, positive emotions and good luck in the New Year!

May you always be surrounded by trustful partners and your loved ones!

Happy New Year!

Sincerely yours,

Dmitriy Aksyonov
President of Global InterGold