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Being the Leader of Global InterGold, you are an important part of an international organization trusted by shareholders, clients and partners around the world.

We are leaders in our field, because we always strive to create advanced products and services, while adhering to the principles of business ethics extending far beyond the basic legal requirements.

The Leader's Code of Conduct sets out these core principles.

The Leader's Code serves as one of the most important documents of Global InterGold. This Code represents all the general rules that will help you understand the main corporate values of our company.

You should carefully read the entire Code and use it as a guide for making the right decisions within the framework of your activities at Global InterGold.

We want to help you make the right decisions!

Even though the Code explains your responsibilities, it is impossible to envisage all the ethical issues that you may face. You should seek advice from the company whenever you have doubts on how to proceed further.

Our reputation and success depend on how we strive to understand and comply with the principles of Global InterGold and adhere to business ethics in our activities.

We all, regardless of the level of employment, position or geographical location, should always follow the standards of business conduct described in this Code.

The Leader’s Code is based on key corporate values needed for our overall success.

Our principles are the basis of all our activities.

We should also understand that to achieve long-term success, we need these principles, so that the company, which already earned the trust of shareholders, clients and partners around the world, could remain credible.