The platform aims to change the industry of gold trading for natural persons around the world.

is a platform that connects buyers and sellers of gold.


Gold of the highest fineness only!

is the key to stability and confidence.
is an insurance asset against various risks.
is a solid foundation of Financial Security.
“We're now going from trade wars almost into currency wars. Gold is a currency, but it's nobody's obligation, so it will stand tallest when everyone else is trying to debase their currency to be competitive globally.”
Whitney George, President of the investment fund Sprott Inc.

Markets, business, relations undergo transformation

Business models become dated and require change.

The GIG-OS platform allows sellers and buyers not only to perform certain actions, but also to interact effectively.

Successful interaction that leads to long-term business relations is based on equal and fair exchange.

Buying gold via our service is:

The pathway from stress to confidence

For nearly ten years, we have been focusing all our efforts on achieving one goal only — Financial Security for our clients.

Financial Security is the foundation of welfare and success, freedom from fears for yourself and your family, confidence in the future and the ability to afford everything you dream about.

Gold is the foundation of financial security

  • In the world, changes happen every day.
  • Everyone thinks about the future.
  • Everyone wants to build a solid foundation for themselves and their families.
  • What can protect us against dangers and risks?
  • What is not subject to change and crisis...

GOLD is the answer
Security and reliability — that's
what we all think about.

Ronald-Peter Stoeferle, analyst at the investment company Incrementum, believes that gold is the strongest currency in the world that is not bound by any obligations to third parties.
“Gold will be the perfect safe haven when “everything bubble” pops.”

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The platform acts as a guarantor between buyer and seller.

The platform ensures that the buyer receives what he/she paid for.

Benefits of interaction

The driving force of all mankind is when one reaps the benefits. A person is either of benefit to people or benefits from them, as long as an active social life is maintained.

Mutual benefit — that’s the goal and result,
a powerful incentive that boosts interaction in a group.

The value of the benefit is enhanced while adhering to ethical
business practices.

The price of gold is growing

The situation on the world market convinces people that gold is a profitable alternative to paper money.

Bloomberg: 69% of businessmen and analysts see the potential of the gold price further growth.

Procurement of gold by central banks in different countries reached a six-year high.

Over the past 20 years,
the price of gold has increased by 415%.
“There are a lot of events happening in the world that could boost the price of gold in the next decade: unreasonable government spending, gold purchases of national banks, depletion of gold deposits and much more. So, it’s not surprising if the price of gold increases up to $5,000 per ounce by 2030.”
Moe Zulfiqar, a financial analyst at Lombardi Letter

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You will pay a greater price if you buy gold in the store, since a trade margin is included in the total price. But you can buy gold through the online platform and pay less.

Due to the special conditions of cooperation between stores and the online platform, you return up to 8% of the order price if you buy gold through the online platform.

GIG-OS platform provides favorable conditions for the purchase of gold, as it contributes to reducing the commission.

is a platform for mutually beneficial cooperation between the buyers and sellers of gold!


The problem is that when people are blindly focused on success, they stop enjoying the work process.

The ability to focus on the process, find balance, enjoy what has been done and be inspired by new achievements — that’s the basis of a comfortable business activity.

The most important element of GIG-OS
achieving greater convenience of work.

Gold traditions

old traditions.
Year after year,
we keep
traditions alive.
Year after year,
we help people
not to forget
about such traditions.

We are creating new traditions at the frontier of technology in this unstable world.

brings gold closer!

“Now is the right time to purchase gold given its high potential. Practice shows that personal gold reserves restore people’s confidence in the future. The yellow metal will become one of the most sought-after assets.”

The World Gold Council expert John Reade

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Price fixing for a period of 14 days — a unique solution in the industry!

Assign a fixed price to any of the offered goods and make a payment within 14 days. This is a great advantage!

1. You can plan your purchase.

2. You have more time to make a decision.

You can also connect to the platform using your smartphone, tablet or laptop and have access to all the tools from anywhere in the world 24/7.

Our commitment —

  • Creation of the ideal product.
  • Pursuit of the highest quality in everything we do.
  • Leadership is based on values. Our products and services are intended for all those people who share our ideals.
  • The 999,9 gold standard does not only apply to the maximum purity of the investment gold that we sell, it applies to everything we do.

In our strive for the highest quality, unsurpassed perfection and self-growth nothing is overlooked, nothing is left to chance.

The main gold purchase rule:

Buy gold regularly!

If you buy investment gold bars on a regular basis, only then you create a stable gold reserve and a personal protective asset.

It doesn't matter how big or small your income level is. Start saving systematically to acquire investment gold bars.

Over time, the price of gold rises, facilitating the increase of your capital. Over the past 20 years, the price of gold has increased by 415%, proving that gold bars remain a profitable long-term financial backing.

World-famous investor Robert Kiyosaki has been investing in gold since 1972. He is known as a man who increased his fortune with the help of gold. Kiyosaki advises everyone to buy the yellow metal.

“Gold is the tears of God, gold is God's money.”
“I will never sell my gold. It will be passed on from one generation to another.”
“Whoever owns gold will survive any crises.”
“I have so much gold that a lifetime won’t be enough to spend it.”

A strive for

For us, this is a never-ending work process that has an impact on all aspects of working with gold, manifests itself in our views on life and in a constant progress towards conquering new heights.

By taking incremental steps in this direction, we offer both clients and partners nothing but the best.

Reaching perfection through innovation

When barriers between countries and markets are erected resulting from the negative effects of globalization, innovation becomes the key driving force in business development and the main growth factor.

Innovations change not only business but also society, ensuring the future and allowing the company to always be ahead of the game.

Innovations and GOLD

  • Gold mining activity will decline over time.
  • The reserves of the yellow metal on Earth become depleted.
  • The world is facing a gold deficit.
  • Innovations are indispensable.
  • The US approved a law allowing citizens to explore space resources.
  • In the race for space gold, China builds rockets.
  • Luxembourg allows companies to legally register space mining enterprises and extract wealth.

Innovation is a powerful incentive for the exploration of new worlds.

on the platform

For large-scale innovations, a fundamentally new approach is required, hence the GIG-OS platform becomes the foundation for implementing breakthrough technologies.

We use an innovative business model to ensure effective interaction on the platform and increase the value of the most important product — gold.

The yellow metal plays a key role in the interaction process on GIG-OS.

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